The Monastery and Fraternity of St. Elie

Saint-Remy, France

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History of the Monastery

In 1964, the Second Vatican Council Decree on Ecumenism found a persistent echo in the Carmel of Nancy, France. The foundation of a Carmel of the Byzantine Rite was envisaged, since the living worship of this liturgical tradition allows entry into the heart of Orthodoxy. In 1974, after a period of formation in the Carmel of Nogent-sur-Marne, whose proximity to Paris favored a better knowledge of Orthodoxy, apprenticeship in the writing of icons, and initiation into patristics, four Carmelite nuns from the Carmel of Nancy founded the Monastere Saint Elie, on the Cote d'Or, in the home of Madame Royer, who was one of the originators of the Montmartre prayer movement.

In 1981, after the five year review of the project, the review commission authorized the opening of a novitiate. In 1986, the Monastere was established as a Carmel of the Byzantine Rite under the jurisdiction of the Ordinariate for Eastern Catholics in France, which delegates its powers to the Bishop of Dijon.

In 1994, the Monastere fostered the foundation of a Byzantine Carmel in Romania, bridge between the East and the West, in a valley of the Carpathian Mountains at Stinceni; the Skete of the Holy Cross, as it is known, was blessed on September 4, 1995

The Fraternite Saint Elie

In 1991, upon the request of friends from diverse Christian confessions, the Fraternite Saint Elie was born. In relation with the monastery, the members of the Fraternitie Saint Elie embody a double focus, Carmelite and ecumenical, in their state of life wherever they find themselves. Coming from diverse Christian confessions, they engage in the work for Christian Unity by prayer, through charity and evangelical truth.

In 1992, following the wish of a Jewish friend, the fraternity was opened to all the children of Abraham. The fraternity invites its Christian members to become better acquainted with their Jewish cousins in faith, "the link that spiritually ties" Jews and Christians.

For the Feast of the Prophet Elias, "Father and Guide of Carmel", July 20, the members, who are able, come together in monastic prayer and meet fraternally in praise and in intercession. The members' bulletin, Mikhtav (3 issues per year) takes its name from the Book of Chronicles (2 Ch 21:12), where the Prophet Elias send to the king Yoram a writing, mikhtav in Hebrew.

The Foundation Texts:

        The double focus of Carmel:

"He is living, the Lord before whom I present myself" (1 Kings 17:1, 18:15) "I burn with zeal for the God of the Universe" (1 Kings 19:10, 14)

        The prayer of Christ:

" that they may all be one, as you, Father, are in me and I in you, that they may also be in us, that the world may believe that you sent me." (John 17:21)

The Second Vatican Council:

"Everyone should realize that it is of supreme importance to understand, venerate, preserve and foster the rich liturgical and spiritual heritage of the Eastern Churches in order faithfully to preserve the fullness of Christian tradition, and to bring about reconciliation between Eastern and Western Christians." Decree on Ecumenism, 15.

"The Church of Christ acknowledges that in God's plan of salvation the beginning of her faith and election is to be found in the patriarchs, Moses, and the Prophets." Nostra aetate, 4.



You may contact us at:


Monastere Saint Elie
5, rue du Floquet
F-21500 Saint-Remy
Tel.: 33-380-920-740
Fax : 33-380-924-879

The monastery is located at the foot of the Church of the village of Saint-Remy, about 4 kilometers from the train station of Montbard (Paris-Lyons line) where one can find taxis.


To left, photo of the Monastery doors, carved with scenes from the life of St. Elias.


Times of Services


09:35 Third and Sixth Hours
10:00 Divine Liturgy
17:00 Vespers
19:30 Compline


06:00 Matins
07:00 Divine Liturgy
11:30 Third Hour, Akathist, and Sixth Hour
17:00 Vespers

Saturdays and Evenings of Feastdays

18:00 Vigil

two photos above: Vespers at the Monastery of St Elie

Address in Romania:

Skete of the Holy Cross - Schitul Sranta Cruce
Str. Gudea nr. 281
4226 Stinceni
Jud. Mures

The Skete is located about 4 kilometers from the train station of Stanceni (Brasov-Reghin line).

Once more, to contact us:

Monastere Saint Elie
5, rue du Floquet
F-21500 Saint-Remy
Tel.: 33-380-920-740
Fax : 33-380-924-879

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