Unofficial and partial Directory of Russian Catholic and other Byzantine-Slavonic Rite Churches and Institutions

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In this image, Our Lord says to Peter and Andrew: 

"Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." (Mark 1:17)



Russian Federation

European Russia

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St. Metropolitan Philip of Moscow Russian Orthodox Parish in Communion with the See of Rome

vul. Filovsky 17/461R
Moscow, Russia

Contact: Vladimir Belov
Tel.: 7-095-4488615
Fax : 7-095-1193316

Divine Liturgy: presently every Thursday - 9:30 a.m., and on Major Feasts.

Please Note: Those planning to attend should contact the Starosta in advance to confirm dates and times.


In 1991 Fr. Andrei Udovenko founded in Moscow the first community after the
fall of communism, the Holy Brother Apostles Sts. Peter and Andrew
Orthodox-Catholic Community.

Holy Brother Apostles Sts. Peter and Andrew Russian Orthodox Church in Communion with the See of Romestmaxsmall.jpg (5784 bytes)

Pastor:  Fr. Andrew Udovenko
Tel.: (7-095) 467-84-71

Divine Services celebrated in the Chapel of the Missionaries of Charity
ul.Chechulina, 13
105568 Moscow

Vespers:  6 p.m. Saturdays
Divine Liturgy:  9 a.m. Sundays

Please contact Fr. Andrej to request and confirm times and locations location of services

Here is an interesting, but now somewhat dated, perspective on this
-- and a special prayer intention!

Here is another look at this community, written July2001 -- with several interesting photos.

The Community of St. Michael Archangel of the Russian Orthodox Church in communion with Rome

based in St. Petersburg

For times and location of services contact

Enjoy the first newsletter of this community and news of the Society of the Mother of God of Vladimir

Here is an article by a Russian Greek Catholic on Greek-Catholics in Northwest Russia


The Community of Blessed Leonid Feodorov

based in St. Petersburg

For information about a second Russian Byzantine Catholic community in St. Petersburg, please visit the website of the Russian Byzantine Catholic community of Blessed Leonid Feodorov (inactive 2/6/02)

Asian Russia

Under the wise and kind omophorion of Bishop Joseph Werth, Apostolic Administrator for Asian Russian and a spiritual son of the Servant of God Bishop Alexander Chira, there are several parishes for Ukrainian Greek Catholics and Russian Orthodox in Communion with the See of Rome in this

These parishes are under the care of Fr. Sergius Golovanov, Visitator of the Greek Catholics of Asian Russia since 1994, and several other priests.

The parish in Prokopyevsk has been in existence since 1960 when Fr. Vassily Rudko, C.Ss.R., a Greek Catholic priest, began working as an underground priest in this area. References to some of these communities and their history can be found under the following topics on pages of the websites of the Apostolic Administration of Asian Russia (in German) and the Letter from SIBERIA (in English):

Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church
70 1st Oktiabria, 14/2-81
Omsk, Russia
frsergius2.jpg (23008 bytes)

Pastor: Fr. Sergius Golovanov

Visit of the Greek Catholic Auxilliary Bishop of the L'viv Eparchy, His Grace Julian Gbur, during his visit to Omsk in June 1998. Also shown are Fr. Sergius Golovanov, Fr Josef Svidnitsky, and two Latin rite priests from Slovakia who work in Omsk

Tel.: 7-3812-163-661
Fax : 7-3812-251-531

See reference under the heading for OMSK on the Region West page of the Apostolic Administration site.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church
Prokopievsk, Kemerovo Regiona
Pastor: Fr. Yaroslaw Spodar, CssR.

See reference under the heading for PROKOPJEW on the Zentralregion page of the Apostolic Adminstration site.

Other parishes are:

Ukrainian Greek Catholic Parish
Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo Region
Pastor: Fr. Alexei Barannikov

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Sts. Cyril and Methodius Russian Orthodox in Communion with the See of Rome Parish

Sargatskoie, Omsk Region

Pastor: Fr. Sergius Golovanov

Fr. Sergius Golovanov in Sts. Cyril and Methodius Russian Orthodox
in Communion with the See of Rome Church

For more photos of these communities see our Photo Gallery--updated Oct. 4, 1999

Fr. Sergius Golovanov's personal web pages:

Concerning the Servant of God Bishop Alexander Chira, see Letter from
Siberia, Issue 4, page 2.

Concerning the work of Fr. Vassily Rudko, C.Ss.R. and the community of
Prokopievsk, see Letter from Siberia, Issue 11, pages 1-2
, Letter from Siberia, Issue 15, page 3 , Letter from Siberia, Issue 18, page 2, and Geschichte
(History), page 2
, on the Apostolic Administration of Asian Russia site

Concerning the visit to Novosibersk by Bishop Julian Gbur of the Ukrainian
Greek Catholic Church see Aktuelles (News) page 2 on the Apostolic
Administration site

Fr Golovanov advises that there are 5 priests (4 Russians and 1 Ukrainian)
serving these communities and that these communities publish an information
bulletin entitled PRIMERENIE.

Aid to the Byzantine Catholic Communities in Asian Russia

Those wishing to aid the Byzantine Catholic communities in Asian Russia may do
so by the following means:

By wire transfer to

P. Eugen Reinhard SVD
Taunus Sparkasse Koenigstein
BLZ 512 500 00
Konto nr.13 497 761
to Bishop Joseph Werth (Siberia) for
Rev. Sergius Golovanov

By Check: Please follow these two steps:

(1) indicate on your check memo line AND in your cover note or
letter that your gift is for the use of the Greek Catholic
(2) make a photocopy of the check and covernote/letter;
(3) send check and original cover note/letter to:

Bishop Werth Account
Capuchin Mission Office
P.O. Box 4575
Denver, CO, 80204

(4) send copies only of check and cover note to:

Fr. Sergius Golovanov
70 let Oktiabria, 14/2-81
Omsk, Russia
Fax: 7-095-3812-251-531

Fr. Golovanov and our sisters and brothers of the Greek Catholic communities of Asian Russia thank you for both your prayers and your material support.


Greek Catholics, Ukrainian or Russian Byzantine Catholics, or Russian
Orthodox in Communion with the See of Rome living in the area covered by the
new Apostolic Administration of Siberia and seeking spiritual aid should

Postbox 279
660021 Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Tel.: (7-3912) 228-044

(N.B.: Krasnoyarsk was one of the cities in which the Servant of God Walter
Ciszek, S.J., lived and worked as a priest after his release from the gulag;
see "A Short History of the Russian Byzantine Catholic Church" page on this

United States

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St. Michael's Russian Catholic Church

266 Mulberry Street
New York, NY, 10012
(212) 226-2644

Fr. John Soles
Fr. Dcn. Christopher Li Greci

Saturday: Vespers 6 p.m.
Sunday: Divine Liturgy 11 a.m.



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Our Lady of Fatima Byzantine Catholic Russian Center
101-20th Avenue (at Lake Street)
San Francisco, CA, 94121
Tel.: (415) 752-2052; Fax: (415) 752-6073
Fr. Mark Ciccone, S.J.

Saturday: Divine Liturgy 10 a.m.
Sunday:  Divine Liturgy 10 a.m.



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St. Andrew's Russian Catholic Church

538 Concord St.
El Segundo, CA  90245 (near western side of Los Angeles)
Tel: (310) 322-1892; Fax: (310) 322-1919
Fr. Alexei Smith

Matins: Mon through Fri 7:30 a.m.

Saturday: Vespers 6: 30 p.m.
Sunday:  Divine Liturgy 10 a.m.

Moleben/Bible Study: Wed 7:30 p.m.


Sts Cyril and Methodius Russian Catholic Community

1060 St. Francis Way, Denver, CO 80204
Phone: 303-534-4014
Fax: 303-534-4140
Pastor: Father Chrysostom Frank
newly established Russian Catholic parish

Sunday: Divine Liturgy 11 AM 


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Christ the Redeemer Byzantine-Slavonic (Byelorussian) Catholic Church
3107 West Fullerton Ave.
Chicago, Illinois, 60647
Tel. (773) 342-7373

xtredeemer1.jpg (22665 bytes)



Administrator: Fr. John McDonnell,
Tel: (312) 751-8219
Fr. Angel Marzal
Fr. Dcn. Michael C. Huskey, Tel: (773) 878-8606
Choir Director: Edwin H. Walker IV,
Tel: (708) 345-7077
Treasurer: Frank Gazzolo, Tel: (847) 675-0137

Sunday:  Divine Liturgy 9:30 a.m. (English and Slavonic) and at 11:30 a.m.  (Romanian)

**IN MEMORIAM (Church Closed in 1974)**

Church of Our Lady of Kazan Russian Catholic Chapel
260 W. Third Street
South Boston, MA

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Mision Catolica Rusa & Rumana
Güemes 2962 - Buenos Aires City
Tel: (54 -1) 822-9879
Fr. Domingo Krpan
Sunday Divine Liturgy: 10:45 a.m.

Monasterio de la Transfiguracion
Hieromonk David (Argibay)
Hierodeacon Diego (Flamini)

Div. Lit. Mon/Sat 11:00 AM  Sundays 09:30AM
Pigue - Buenos Aires Province

Centro Bizantino Nuestra Señora de Vladimir
Mgr. Horacio Raljevic
3rd Thursday of the month - 08:00 PM
Rivadavia 382 - Campana - Buenos Aires Province


Russian Catholic Center
Chapel of St Nicholas
24 Stevenson Street
Kew, 3101
Victoria, Australia
Tel: (61-03) 9853-1256melbourne1.jpg (14869 bytes)

Fr. Archimandrite George Brianchaninoff, M.I.C.
Fr. Peter Knowles, O.P.
(61-03) 9853-5001

Fr. Archdeacon Lawrence Cross
(61-03) 9571-0525


A Brief History:


St. Nicholas Lyceum in Harbin, China: 1929-1949:
 A Photo Montage and Tribute



Fr. Josef Podgornik, S.J.
Canisiusgasse 16
1090 Vienna, Austria
Tel.: (43-1) 340-517

Prof. Dr. Ernst Christoph Suttner
Alserstrasse 19/l/2
1080 Vienna, Austria
Tel.: (43-1) 421-0612

Dr. Suttner leads the Institute for Patrology and Eastern Church Studies at the University of Vienna.

Salzburg--Western Austria

Fr. Nikolaj Hornykewycz

Seelsorgeamt fur die Katholiken des byzantinischen Ritus in Westosterreich
Pastoral Service for Byzantine Catholics in Western Austria
Borromaeumstrasse 17/20
A-5020 Salzburg, Austria

phone/fax: (+43) (622) 64 10 25
mobile phone:  (+43) 664 233 8385

(Fr Nicholas' parish is home to several Russian Catholics from our own Russian Catholic Parish formerly located in Salsburg)


Belarussian Byzantine Catholic Church Pages

In Memoriam --- CLOSED!!


Editions du Foyer Oriental Chretien
206, Ave. de la Couronne
B-1050 Bruxelles, Belgium
Tel: 32-3-647-7106

(Former Home of "Zhizn s Bogom" leading Russian Catholic publishing house)


Capelania Russa
Church of the Annuciation of the Virgin

Rua dos Sorocabanos, 150
Ipiranga - 04202-000 - Sao Paolo - SP
Tel.: (55-11) 272-7562
Fr. Joao Stoisser, SJ
Fr. Gavino Guri Campos

Sunday Divine Liturgy: 10:00 a.m.


Bulgarian Byzantine Catholic Church Pages coming!

The Official Website for the:

Byzantine and Roman Catholic Churches in Bulgaria

direct link for Bulgarian Byzantine Catholic Church

Fr. Eldurov's Abagar collection moves to Sofia


**IN MEMORIAM (Church Closed in 1997)**

Presentation of the Virgin Russian Catholic Church
44 Ouest, rue Guizot,
Montreal, Canada, H2P lL4
Closed in 1997
For Contact with Russian Catholics in Montreal:
Mme. Boldireff,  tel: 1-514-270-3377


Community of St. John Chrysostom
Saint Kevin's Oratory (entrance on Thomas Street)
Catholic Pro-Cathedral
Marlborough Street,
Dublin, Ireland
Contact: Fr. Archimandrite Serge Keleher
123 Gaidini Achadh na Fuiseoige
Tir an Iuir, Baile Ath Cliath 6 Iar.

Sunday Divine Liturgy: 4 p.m.

More about the Community of St John Chrysostom


Marian House
37, Holden Road
London N12 8HS, England
Tel: (44-181) 445-5358
Prot. Alexander Nadson

(Site of Byelorussian mission chapel, library and museum)

From here you may visit the Belarussian mission at Marian House in London

A brief description of Marian House is found on this St. Alban's Catholic Church of Finchley website (scroll down to Byelorussian Catholic Mission).
Some limited information on the Francis Skaryna Belarussian Museum which is attached to Marian House along with an e-mail address are availble on the
Belarussian Diaspora page of the Belarus Miscellany website.


ecumcr1.jpg (16192 bytes)

Ekumeninen Keskus
Ecumenical Center and Chapel of Sts Peter and Paul

ärventie 9

02740 Espoo 74
Tel.: (358-9) 855-7148
Mitr. Prot. Robert De Caluwe

ssppfinl1.jpg (17356 bytes)

For more information please see the following sites:

Catholic Churches in Finland:

Catholic Students Club :



Foyer Oriental Sainte-Basil
25, rue Sala
69002 Lyon, France
Tel.:  (33) 478-42-16-07

Fax: (33) 472-41-71-32
Prot. Pierre Kholodiline

Open:  9 a.m. to 6 p.m

Directoire des Eglises orientales catholiques en France

Centres d'etudes Russes St. Georges & Chapelle Saint-Georgesstgeorges.jpg (5765 bytes)
15, rue Porto-Riche
92190 Meudon, France

Pere Antoine Elens, S.J., Superior
Tel: (33-1) 4114-0321 (Sr. Natalie)
Fax: (33-1) 4534-1188



Centre d'etudes "Istina"
45, rue de la Glaciere
75013 Paris, France
Tel: (33-1) 4217-4560
Fax: (33-1) 4217-4562

Foyer Cultural Franco-Russe (Deux Ourses)
l, rue Mignon
75006 Paris, France
T.: (3314) 35-46-513
Protopr. Bernard Dupire

Byzantine Divine Liturgy: Wednesdays - 7:45 a.m.

Holy Trinity Russian Catholic Church
39, rue Francois Gerard
75016 Paris, France
(Metro-Eglise d'Auteil)
Tel: (33-1) 4224-0553
Protopr. Bernard Dupire
Fr. Joel Courtois (33-1-42-24-05-53)

Protopr. Georges Rochcau (retired) 
phone: 33-1-44-10-85-32

Sunday Divine Liturgy: 10:45


Soeurs Carmelites 
Monastere Saint Elie

5, rue du Floquet
21500 Saint-Remy
Tel.: 33-03-80-92-07-40
Fax : 33-03-80-92-48-79

website:  The Byzantine Catholic Carmelite Monastery of St Elias

Directoire des Eglises orientales catholiques en France


A Brief History of the Georgian Byzantine Catholic Church


stnikalaus2.jpg (27958 bytes)


Griech. katol. Gemeinde Heilige Nikolaus
Mittenwalderstrasse 15
1000 Berlin 61
Tel.: (49-30) 693-2118

Contact: Fr. Lic. Kunibert Schroeter
Fr. Deacon Bernhard Kwasigroch Tel.: (49-30)


Divine Liturgy--Sundays and Feastdays 10:00 a.m.
Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts during Great Lent--Wednesdays 6:00 p.m.

Oekumenisches Zentrum Kyrill und Methodius
Pfarramt St. Pius
Bocklinstrasse 51
6800 Mannheim, Germany
Tel.: (49-621) 412-851
Fr. Gerhard Schmutz
Fr. Karl Jung

Russischsprachige katolische Seelsorge
Gemeinde St. Nikolaus des byzantinisch-slawischen Ritus
Rumfordstrasse 21a
D-80469 Munich, Germany
Tel. & Fax: 49-89-2916-3129

Pastor - Fr. Georgi Avvakumov
Tel. & Fax: 49-89-917-024

A news article about a number of celebrations for the immigrant Catholic communities and the 50th anniversary for the Russian Byzantine Slav parish of St Nicholas is mentioned.

Ostkirchliches Institut Regensburg
Ostengasse 29-31
D-93047 Regensburg
Tel.: (49) 0941-57-009
Fax : (49) 0941-52-551
Contact: Dr. Albert Rauch


Catholica Unio
Zentrale fur Deutschland
Grabenberg 2
97070 Wurzburg
Tel.: (49) 0931-51- 660

Alternate Contact: Archimandrite Gregor Hohmannn (49-89) 859-8574

Byzantine Divine Liturgy celebrated on the first Sunday of each month
at the Augustinerkloster (Augustinian Monastery) at 10:00 a.m.


The journal of Catholica Unio, "Der Christlicher Osten" has its own
site, from which books are also available.


A book and religious goods store in Wurzburg  connected
with Catholica Unio is:

Hafnergasse 2
(in der Lammle Passage)
97070 Wurzburg
Tel: (49) 0931-51-261
Fax: (49) 0931-51-652


Ostkirchliches Institut der Augustiner
Steinbachtel 2a
D-97082 Wurzburg
Tel: (49) 0931-71-085



The momentous events of this past decade have caused considerable immigration from the lands of the CIS and Eastern Europe to countries to their south, especially Greece, Turkey and Cyprus. Russian and other Byzantine Catholics in Greece can find spiritual succor in Greece from our brothers and sisters of the Apostolic Exarchate, whose communities can be contacted through the information provided in the Catholic Church in Crete link below. There is a group of Ukrainian Greek Catholics who now meet regularly at Haghia Triada Cathedral in Athens (photo to right). The community in Jannitsa has many Slavomacedonian members.




Pontificio Collegio Russo (Russicum)
Via Carlo Cattaneo, 2 A
00185 Roma, Italia
Tel: (3906) 446-56-09

Russian Catholic Church of S. Antonio Abate
Corner of Via Carlo Alberto & Via Carlo Cattaneo
Saturday Vespers: 6 p.m.
Sunday Divine Liturgy: 10 a.m.

"How the Russicum came to be..."

Jesuit Responsibility for the Russicum...

The Russicum's other claim to fame: The Third Solution
And for a review of the foregoing.

Monastero Russo Uspenskij
via della Pisana, 346
c.a.p. 00163 Rome Italy
Tel.: (3906) 6615-2344

dormizione1.jpg (22326 bytes)Fifteen minutes by bus from the Piazza San Pietro, this small Russian monastery for women has as its primary scope the pursuit of a life of contemplation, liturgy and prayer according to the grand tradition of Eastern Christian monasticism.

It was established by the Congregation for the Eastern Churches with the encouragement of Pope Pius XII according to a project presented by the then secretary of the Congregation, Cardinal

Like the cathedral in Moscow and several other Russian churches throughout the world, the monastery is dedicated to the Mother of God as manifested in the Mystery of her "Uspenie" or Dormition (lit. "Falling asleep") according to the Eastern Christian tradition and the "Assumption" according to the Western Christian tradition, thusmru2.jpg (13614 bytes) the name (in Italian) of this foundation is Monastero russo Uspenskij  (the Russian Monastery of the Dormition).        

There is an attractive little chapel dedicated to the Dormition of the Theotokos and arranged according to the Russian liturgical usage. The language of prayer is Church Slavonic; the languages of the members of the community are Russian, and some Italian and English.


Centro Studi Russia Cristiana
Via Ponzio, 44
20133 Milano, Italia
Tel: (3902) 266-3432
Fax: (3902) 236-5011
Mitr. Prot. Dr. Romano Scalfi

You may visit the website of the Centro Studi Russia Cristiana from here.

Contact Information of the Oriental Congregation in Rome.


Church of the Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Pishchevaya Street, 3
470042, Karaganda
Republic of Kazakstan
Fr. Vasyl Hovera
Fr. Vidal Klymchuk, OSBM
Tel./fax : 7 (3212) 482-564

Liturgies: Saturday: 10 a.m.
Sunday: 10 a.m.
Sunday: 12 a.m. for youth and children
Feasts: 10 a.m.

Parish website URL:

Greek Catholic Community of Pavlodar

(contact Fr. Vasyl Hovera at Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church in
Karaganda for dates and times of Liturgies; this community meets at the Roman Catholic church in Pavlodar for their Divine Services).

There is now an article in Credo about the Greek Catholics in Kazakstan and we look forward to more news of their growth and development in future.

Byzantine Catholic Parishes of Kazakstan Page--coming!

The Netherlands

Johannes von Damascus Fraterniteit
Dillenburglaan 23
NL-5046 LT Tilburg
The Netherlands
Tel./Fax : (31-13) 536-4160
Fr. J. A. J. Meijers, C.Ss.R.

Coming soon! News of the new chapel in s'Hertogenbosch--
First Divine Liturgy scheduled for May 9, 1999!

Fr. Meijers and some members of the Fraterniteit are also active in the
 "Actie en Ontmoeting Oosterse Kerken" (AOK) , 
which also collaborates with the Monastery of Chevetogne.

Journal "POKROFF"
Raamweg 42
2596HN Den Haag
The Netherlands
Tel.: (31-70) 346-3073
Fr. Antonius Vriens, O.F.M. Cap.
Fr. Gabriel Munninghoff, O.F.M. Cap.

Please call to determine times and locations for liturgies in Amsterdam, Haarlem, Delft, Rotterdam, Utrecht, The Hague, Eindhoven, Maastricht, and Nijmegen.

A Half Century for the Slavic-Byzantine Church in The Hague


stnikita.jpg (22029 bytes)


St. Nikita Byzantine-Slavonic Catholic Church
Parafia Kostomloty & Sanktuarium Unitow Podlaskich
Kostomloty 15
21-508 Dobratycze, Poland
Tel: (
48-83) 375-5227Fr. Archimandrite Roman Pietka, MIC

Additional Contact for St. Nikita's, Kostomloty:

Fr. Archimandrite Jan Sergiusz Gajek, MIC
Tel: (48-81) 743-3774
Fax: (48-81) 743-3770


Situated in Kostomloty two hundred meters due west from the River Bug which forms the border between Poland and Belarus, St. Nikita's was founded in 1631 and has been in continuous operation since then. stnikitaext.jpg (31647 bytes)


The present church building dates to 1922. One of the parishes which "became" Orthodox during the Czar's Russification program in 1874-5, St. Nikita's returned to communion with the Holy See in 1927.


The Sanktuarium Unitow Podlaskich at St. Nikita's commemorates, inter alia,  the recently beatified thirteen Byzantine Catholic martyrs of Pratulin who were martyrsp2.jpg (33405 bytes)killed while defending their church from forcible seizure by the authorities during the Russification program of 1874-5. 

The only Byzantine-Slavonic parish now remaining in Poland, St. Nikita's has become a center for ecumenical dialogue, cooperating with the Marian shrine of Our Lady of Koden and the Orthodox monastery at Jableczna, and has been both a symbol and a beacon of hope for the Belarussian Byzantine Catholics across the border.

The icon of the Holy Martyrs of Pratulin

For another icon of the Holy Martyrs and a picture of  Father Roman Pietka at his installation to the rank of archimandrite, visit this second "Kostomloty Page."

You may also wish to visit an older webpage in Polish  about St. Nikita's. If you are interested in more information about the Greek Catholic martyrs of the Podlaski region, there is some useful information and photos on the Roman Catholic site concerning the cause of these martyrs and there is also an informative article about the history of Greek Catholics in this region of Poland and how their witness and presence was honored by His Holiness Pope John Paul II during his recent pilgrimage to Poland by Mr. Peter Siwicki of Lublin.

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