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Excerpt from the Address of  Bishop Basil Losten as appeared in the Sower, December 5, 1999. This address was given on Nov. 8, 1999, at the Encounter of the Eastern Catholic Churches of America and Oceania:

"Russian Catholics

At their largest extent, the Russian Catholics had four small parishes in the United States. There are strained ethnic relations between Russians and Ukrainians, but I am not aware of any difficulties between the Russian Catholics and the Ukrainian Catholics in this country. (15) (Footnote--I myself enjoy a very warm relationship with Saint Michael's Russian Catholic Church in New York City. Over the years, Ukrainian Catholic priests have assisted when needed in the Russian Catholic parishes on any number of occasions). Still, because the Russian Catholic communities are so few and so small, it is likely that most Ukrainian Catholics are only vaguely aware of them. However, these small Russian Catholic parishes have been and still are very active in making the Byzantine tradition better known in wider Catholic circles...."

Visit by His Grace, Bishop Wolodymyr Juszczak

On Saturday afternoon, October 24, 1999, prior to Vespers, St. Michael's was blessed with an unofficial visit by His Grace, Bishop Wolodymyr Juszczak, O.S.B.M., Eparch of Wroclaw-Gdansk, Poland. Bishop Wolodymyr, visiting with his brother Basilians at St. George's Ukrainian Catholic Church on East 7th Street, took the opportunity of his proximity to take a look at the little chapel which is available for our use. The recently enthroned hierarch had met with Fr. John and Reader Methodius about a year before during a visit to
New York while still igumen of the Basilian Fathers' House and minor seminary in Warsaw, delivering to us a copy of the icon of the Pratulin Martyrs.

Igumen Wolodymyr (as he then was) first had contact with St. Michael's through Reader Methodius during the latter's sojourn in Warsaw.





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